Where do you stand between White and Black? An Inquiry by Agam Berry

For some, it is simply business and you have to do what you have to do to survive. It’s a dog eats dog world online and those who play safe do not get the lion’s share. However, eating it too much can cause indigestion and sometimes, you pay a higher premium because you could not wait to let the whole process to bubble and simmer to success. It may sound delectable, but we are talking about two controversial SEO practices: White and Black hat SEO.  What are these practices and why should we care about them, for our internet marketing?

Agam Berry

According to Agam Berry, What Hat can be considered the Good version of SEO. It complies with the trusted methods and techniques that are deemed as ethical by majority. These methods will not get you banned from search engines. Since the rules change every now and then, qualifying certain methods as white hat can be tough but you can identify it by the qualities if the process. White hat methods, as elucidated by Agam Berry are done with respect to time. It appreciates process and the evolution of the marketing strategy as it blossoms. Again, you do not have any fears of getting banned when you try white hat practices.


On the contrary, the black hat methods are very risky and while some processes are deemed archaic, they tend to resurface every now and then in various websites from those who want to generate traffic fast and easy. Compared to white hat, the signature of black hat is the desire to do anything to get traffic. They do not care if the traffic is targeted or not. They only care to get the most number of visits to the site for their selfish purposes. These methods can employ several white hat methods that were overly used and so it is really about how the person uses the method that makes it white or black hat. Nonetheless, black hat always aims for the biggest possible catch without much perspective.
One can also say that white hat makes use of user interaction and user benefits while black hat methods are all about technology based optimization methods to saturate the search engines and make them know that your site is relevant and needs to be at the top as soon as possible.

In SEO, marketers have divided ideas on what should be the focus. Others think traffic is essential and should be first while others think that it is sales that is the end goal and should be prioritized. If you are someone who wants traffic for the sake of traffic, then black hat may get you somewhere at some point but not too far from failure. White hat can lead you to success in traffic, and actual sales due to the focus on targeted traffic. Focusing on numbers is not enough nowadays and it is important to put more premiums to quality of marketing than just techniques to bypass the search engines. At the end of the day, it is your decision to make.