Various Black hat SEO practices: Taking the quick route by Agam Berry

There are no short cuts to a successful online marketing strategy, let alone SEO. It is all about hard earned efforts and patience to finally see some promising results for the site in search engine results. SEO has always been the core of search engine marketing and online marketing in general and thus, there is always a certain fanaticism about this method: the method that actually started internet marketing that we recognize nowadays.


SEO or course is also time honored. If you do not have the patience for it, then better get the help of someone who can keep process running. There are some marketers, however, who tend to go to the dark side since they do not have the patience for search engine marketing at all. They want fast and immediate results that they can see. Due to this desire for the fast and easy, a lot of people ventured to the dark side which is black hat SEO. These practices are very unethical and they are designed not to benefit search engines but to lie to users and to deceive search engines using a various range of processes. These are deemed unethical by many but nonetheless, others seem not to care about the repercussions of using black hat methods.


Based on an interview with Agam Berry, there are some websites that copy information from others. The process of writing high quality, original and relevant content can be very hard and time consuming and requires a lot of dedication but there are some people who would not care less about it. That is why they just copy others who are more successful in that part. This trick always ticks the red flag of search engines. This can result to some serious penalties and if the company has very strict rules about the content and citation, you might be putting yourself to the dangers of plagiarism and offense to the law.


According to Agam Berry, another aspect that is heavily shrouded with black hat methods is keyword usage. If a keyword is used well, it can generate considerable traffic after some time. There are rules about keyword density and it should ideally not exceed 2 to 3 % of the content. A 500 article would normally have the keyword repeated at least 10 to 15 times which is already enough. When done in black hat process, the density could reach 5 to 6% which is double the prescribed. If the keyword phrase is already 5 words long, imagine if you have to repeat each keyword 30 times or more, that means 150 words have already been wasted on a 500 word article.


Another popular black hat method is the use of link farms. Links are generally essential for websites since they help in creating one way channels to from other sites that could help boost the ranking of the site based on the quality of the link.  Low quality links do not matter at all and that is why link farms and exchanges, even, are not really good options.