The new internet culture- Understanding social media by Agam Berry

According to Agam Berry, Social media optimization is not just a “tool”; it has become culture on its own respect as more and more people are able to relate and make use of social media for their own personal purposes. Social media is a powerful entity that allows people and even enterprises to become more interactive and communicative to each other in the local and the global platform. Information is not limited to the standard 2 way transfer. Social media allows information to be scattered across the world using technology and the power of public opinion.

Agam Berry

Agam Berry also elucidated that with social media, human experience becomes the center or focus. Technology might be the platform but the content and context are more powerful and persuasive than the information. Of course, the platform has also been very essential since they enabled people and other entities to communicate in the most efficient manner without much need for formality and with immediacy. For businesses, social media is also a good way to tap into the market. By sharing unique, thought provoking and interesting communication tools such as audio, video and text, it is possible for to appeal to the taste of the public. Social media is quite demanding though. Since information is accessible by the second, it can easily get tiring and lackluster. That means fresh content is necessary as being done in platforms like news sharing sites and blogs.


Agam Berry highlighted some important elements regarding social media such as making use of social media sites and understanding the public and what appeals to them. For businesses, it is necessary to measure and analyze the conversion of traffic. Since the goal of social media is conversation, it allows businesses to exploit the platform by using it as a tool for market research to understand further the needs of public. Social media also serves as the intersection between other sites and social media tools. Ultimately, it is a vital force in understanding how the message is actually analyzed by the public and what you could do next time to create more influential and unique messages.


When someone connects with the business through social media, it could be due to the fact that they know and support you as a brand or they find something unique and promising that they can use. It is very important then to always find new ways to capture their attention. Agam Berry even suggests that one should not be afraid to introduce new topics to arouse their interest.


Developing a campaign using social media can be tough. A lot of work has to be done. It is important to keep your marketing strategy in line with your social media. The manner of communication should be focused only on actually developing a conversation and not simply relaying information. If you are able to reach this level of communication, congratulations, you are one step ahead in creating a successful social media campaign. It takes some time and a lot of work but it is all worth it at the end of the day.