The Black Hat Curse: practices that could get you banned by Agam Berry

There are numerous known legitimate SEO methods. However, there are also some practices that can be considered as non beneficial since they can be very disastrous to your overall marketing strategies. The issue of using black hat practices started out very early in the early 2000s when search engines still use very simple algorithms to generate search results. The practices are used to exploit these algorithms and they tend to make sure that the results will be immediate and generate incredible numbers in a very short time. Nowadays, even if more modern techniques are used, it is still vital to know what these methods are since some black hat experts tend to get away with these processes.


Some of the most popular forms of black hat practices, according to Agam Berry are the redirect and cloaking mechanisms. They are used to show a particular URL to the search engine but it is actually different to the visitor. The redirect diverts the visitor to another page by means of refreshing the page with the other one on another site. The other option is called cloaking and this is a method to fool the indexing tool of search engines to think that it is another thing and that means false information is sent back to the search engine. These two are very sneaky methods used by many black hat SEOs.

Another one disclosed by Agam Berry is the Meta Tag overloading. Tons of keywords are placed on the Meta tags and some keywords are kept hidden inside the website. Another one is a form of deception in which the keywords are shrunk to the smallest possible size in order to generate results better in search engines and for readers to actually think that they are reading in legitimate sites where in fact they use black hat methods for their success. Another possible method related to keywords would be to use non relevant keywords. The goal is mainly to appeal to a wider traffic. The goal is actually to just increase the traffic without any actual intention for readers to benefit from the site.


Another kind of black hat process would have to be overly optimizing your landing pages. This is not similar to legitimate landing pages since in this method, any process has been overly used and this was done to lead more people to the site. This would involve the use of any other methods. It’s like creating an extra large sandwich of all black hat methods piled up in one massive, cunning and deceitful method to hide things to users and search engines for selfish purposes. It is possible that some would have tried doing everything in one page to see if it generates the most results.
You can do black hat practices if you want, according to Agam Berry, but you have to be ready since when you get caught or if you have become too obvious, you will suffer getting your website banned and erased from the search engine and all your easy work will be destroyed to a PR0. It is very important to generate traffic online but with black hat methods, you take things too fast and this could result to devastating results for your SEO strategies. It pays to take things slowly but surely since at the end of the day, it will generate more promising results for the site.