SEO Practices For 2013 According to Agam Berry

It’s well known that search engines are constantly changing. If you look back 5 years ago, 2 years ago, or even 6 months ago you’ll probably notice that things that used to work are no longer effective (or actually get you punished). Going through 2013 there are a lot of factors that you have to take into account that previously went untouched and some of the areas that were focused on as recent as late 2012 should be forgotten all together. Search Engine Optimization expert Agam Berry believes the following areas are what need to be changed going into the rest of 2013:

Agam Berry

Focus on quality content. With the Google Panda and Google Penguin updates taking down sites all across the globe from thousands upon thousands of users, it’s important to realize that the quality of information placed on your website is crucial. Having duplicate content across your site (whether copying and pasting from someone else’s site or using the same content on your own site) is the ultimate sin in 2013. Thin content that doesn’t provide any value to users is also frowned upon; by providing substantial posts that are unique and informative you are more likely to rank above your competition.

Pay attention to social signals. Many are saying social signals are the way of the future. Instead of backlinks, Agam Berry and other internet marketers believe that “likes” “retweets” and other social signals will play a large role in how search engines rank a page. If one page has 400 likes and 35 shares while a site with a very similar post has only 3 likes, 1 share, and 1 retweet, search engines may give the first site more value because there is an element of social proof (the assumption being: if more people are sharing it, it must be good content).

Keep things local. This applies to small businesses more than anything else, but search engines are now starting to adopt different results depending on different types of queries. If you are a dentist in Memphis, make sure you have that localization displayed as often as possible. When users do a search for “dentist” while in the city of Memphis or add localization modifiers to their searches, websites that prominently display their location will often rank higher than others.

Media is important. While it isn’t an extremely new development, there is still a large focus by search engines on having rich, diverse media on your website or blog as well. Posting relevant (preferably unique) images on a post or having YouTube videos mixed in adds value to the content making it more relevant to users (thus getting a boost from search engines).