SEO: A success story by Agam Berry

Rarely do we find stories online about actual accounts of people who started our online and eventually learning the tricks of the trade, with such poignancy and detail as this one that we are about to discuss. Nonetheless, this story is a great story that people will find intriguing and inspiring. The story begins with a man who bought a domain and has no idea what to do with it. He does not have much money to create fabulous websites through this domain. That being said, he decided to learn the tricks of the trade by studying SEO and marketing as well as a little bit of web design. He knew from stories that it is possible to generate income through the knowledge that he could learn.


The man tried his luck by finding the search terms that he thought he could handle and generate traffic from. It is possible that the man could be successful or be one of those sites that will be sand boxed in the top search engines. The risks are high but since he has already taken so many risks, it would be too late to back out. It turned out to be the latter for him at first and from there; he learned some hard lessons about SEO. He generated little traffic but not from the search terms that he initially picked. He picked these up and from there; he started to gain more traffic. It was quite a promising situation.
According to Agam Berry, the pursuit for successful SEO starts with failures for most beginners because finding the right results can be tough during the initial process. From this point on, one can discover a wealth of opportunities by using these methods and eventually, generate the right kind of traffic and the right kind of influence.


Based on the man’s story, Agam Berry offers some great tips on how to improve your SEO strategies.


First is to optimize each page and not site-wide. Some people tend to think that it is enough to settle with one solution for your website promotion. It is very hard to do that. It is important to plan and understand your goals for each page on your site. Especially for dynamic websites, it pays to develop unique pages and avoid going cookie cutter from page to page it pays to have some diversity in navigation and a purpose for having each page. Each page should focus on one keyword phrase. Start with it and hold on tight. Each page should also have desirable and useful information relevant to your search phrase.


Another tip is to go the simple path. Complexity is nice if done in a convincing manner. This means that a search engine friendly website may look lovely and decadent but it actually has a structure that is very straightforward and appeals to search engines very well. It pays to have a clean design and structure and an effective SEO strategy.

From there it is time to generate traffic.  It is necessary to know who the market is, what they want and how they want it presented to them. By understanding these elements, SEO become easier and second nature to the passionate marketer.