Organic Search Results: the core of SEO by Agam Berry

It has always been the favorite of search engine experts. Most people also tend to favor it compared to others. It seems like there is nothing that could really replace nor compare to organic search results. When you say something’s organic, it means it was made or it developed naturally. In internet language, organic search is deeply connected to SEO and this means that a website has much visibility and presence on a certain keyword that it is deemed as a prominent website in a particular niche or keyword. Being organic, you expect that it is a free method. Given that in the past, reputable sites generally dominate the industry, it is still the trend nowadays but with more elements and aspects to take into consideration. Also, it is very appealing since marketers do not have to pay a dime to search engines to get to their spot as long as they do their best to outshine other sites in numerous areas.


In comparison, Pay Per Click generates immediate results and most probably, more instant connections to targeted users. This is possible because the marketers bid for the most competitive keywords or phrases that most people will type on their keyboard. The more competitive the keywords are, the more expensive they are. Also, each time the link is clicked at, then marketer pays and that is why it is called PPC. Of course, according to experts such as Agam Berry, only organic search results are the ones that can last. PPC campaigns can be costly and the measure of success is not mainly on how well you tend to your site but actually on how well you choose a keyword. Organic search results are focused more on the site itself compared to focusing on keywords, Agam Berry added.


People consider the organic results as more favorable and reputable. They think that organic search produces non biased results. Ideally, yes, this should be the case but since there are concerns about sandboxing as well as sneaky methods of optimization, the concept of reputability is slightly, if not completely tainted. Nonetheless, we see that there are still some relevant search results that are actually relevant to the users. To attain the results, the marketers need to take into considerations different factors. These factors are core to the success of the website’s popularity and its presence in the market.


For organic search engine optimization to become relevant and successful, a host of different methods are implemented including link building, competitive analysis, and keyword search, content marketing, on page optimization, submission and a slew of new practices that have become staples just a few years ago. The list keeps on growing and it is vital for SEO experts to keep up with the competition to generate more traffic and to ensure relevance and value to the site and for the needs of users who actually use the site for their reference.


SEO will continue to expand especially in regions like India where the competition is just beginning to heat up. Soon enough, the competition will reach a critical point and from there, a new kind of method will be realized.