Making the Compromise: Utilizing AJAX by Agam Berry

AJAX means Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. This is a development tool that was created to generate unique web applications. Through AJAX, web pages tend to load faster. It is also used to develop more responsive solutions for data exchange within the server so the whole page does not need to be reloaded every time a change is requested by the user. What does this mean for the user? Based on Agam Berry, web pages and utility will become faster, functional and interactive. One of the most popular and widely used examples of AJAX nowadays is Google Maps.


There are numerous reasons as to why you should implement AJAX for holiday and travel websites. First, it can help in the delivery of better user experience with the help of fast loading and more intuitive web page experience. AJAX also helps in enhancing visual appeal of the site. Since the aim of this tool is to speed up website utility and performance, it is possible to enjoy lower bandwidth usage and that means only small data packets are being used instead of internet browsers loading the entire web page or website.


Of course, there will always be a setback for such innovations. Though it can enhance the user experience exponentially, search engines cannot see the AJAX content since they are not capable of running the JavaScript code that is necessary to create the HTML code. If search engines cannot access such content, or if they cannot follow the navigational links, then this could risk you the exposure of your site to these search engines. That means it is possible that you may have a better user experience but at the same time, lesser prominence.


According to Agam Berry, AJAX will always be one of those double edged innovations. Nonetheless, they will always relevant to the industry. Since AJAX is very much helpful in making web experience faster and more engaging, there is a possibility that search engines will find ways to be able to spider and index AJAX content. If your site heavily needs some upgrade especially with its speed but you do not want to use AJAX, then you have a long way to do that. If you do not really need AJAX, then it would be best not to use this so that you can improve your marketing strategies. If you feel that your site needs the benefit of this unique tool for your website, then you should get the help from experts that can help transform your website to something fast, appealing and interactive.


AJAX is a unique method that requires expert knowledge. It is essential to find experts who are actually knowledgeable about the process of using this tool for your web site to succeed. AJAX allows you to explore a whole new range of options for a more attractive and faster site but then again, it pays to understand first what the market actually makes use of your site. Do they use it more to buy stuff than read stuff? Do you have a separate tool to generate traffic? If you do, you might want to try out this tool to help make your site more successful.