Google’s Blackhole: the sandbox by Agam Berry

A lot of search engine optimized sites were experiencing a unique condition in the past few months. What is it? Two words: Google Sandbox. The goal of many of these sites and the marketers who were hanging by a thread is unearth the nature of this condition, confirm and find solutions around the Sandbox that Google made. Its creator does not confirm nor deny the presence of the sandbox. Is it actually possible that there is a gray area in search engine algorithms that cannot be tapped by these experts? This is like an epic journey to the unknown, across the chaotic realm known as search engines.


With the so called Sandbox, websites listed under Google fight for their lives due to the beat down in rankings without any valid reason. This affects a lot of sites and they are very much concerned about their revenue and presence since once the rankings go down, there is no other way but the long and winding path of SEO. There is no magic tool to change the rankings back in a second. Of course, that is not the case if you are friends with the search engine. The ones most affected are new and overhauled sites. This was first experienced in 2004 but then again, nobody actually knows how it happened.
According to an interview with Agam Berry, Google Sandbox has a massive effect on English speaking sites. It is mainly a “.com” event. Any other sites that do not use “.com” would be spared by this blackhole of search engine ranking. The effects of this sandbox happen only in Google so these sites might see stable ranking in other search engines but not in Google. Another thing that was noticed is that it does not happen to all sites and the results are not automatic and thus, many concerns and allegations were raised about this phenomenon.  According to SEO experts the sandbox phenomenon is but the result of changes or improvements in algorithms. It was not really designed as a punishment. According to Agam Berry, this assumption may have some grain of truth to it since Google is known for its powerful and unique algorithm.
It is also possible that Sandboxing was made intentional for the same reasons that their algorithms are powerful and unique. The share of Google in search engine results span a greater extent compared to its closest competitors like Yahoo. Google has the upper hand and to a certain extent, the monopoly since they have the advantage of their secrete algorithm and they can make people conform to how they want the algorithms to run. One of these possible tools is the spider block. It is possible that the company is very much aware of what is going on and they are doing their own secret game with the rest of the search world and the entire internet itself.

It seems like Google is getting what it wants. SEO experts are doing their share by trying to go around the sandbox to a situation or condition that does not make the site at risk of being pulled down in the page ranking game. The concept of the sandbox was not entirely discussed. We know how it works but we do not understand the concept of its being. It’s like the unknown mystery of the universe, like a black hole itself. It keeps SEOs very much alert as to what could happen next. Who could be affected? What will happen? One can look at it on a positive light but then again, there will always be that gray area and that will always make one feel uncomfortable.