Agam Berry Explains How to Make a Paper Wallet for Bitcoins

Agam Berry helps in creating unhackable Bitcoin wallet in order to keep Bitcoins safe. The paper wallet allows you to transfer the Bitcoins into a paper just by printing from the printer. This makes it safe other than to save the coins digitally or on a hard-drive as it may involve the risk of losing them.

Agam Berry explains the importance of a wallet

The wallet has private and public keys that are used to either receive or send Bitcoins from and to people. The public key serves as the address that some people use it to send you Bitcoins. On the other hand, the private key is used by you to send other people Bitcoins. When you have the public key of other people and your private key, Agam Berry says you can make crypto-currency transactions a success.

Private Key needs to stay confidential because should it be known to other people, you may be vulnerable to theft of your Bitcoins funds. Moreover, if your Bitcoins are kept in a software wallet, hackers could steal them. The same applies when they are kept in a hard-drive based wallet as they are vulnerable to malware and hackers. Agam Berry encourages you to create an unhackable Bitcoin wallet.

What is a paper wallet?

Agam Berry defines a paper wallet as a document with private and public keys’ copies and their QR codes. These codes can be quickly scanned to add the wallet keys into software for transactions. The paper wallet is not susceptible to cyber attacks or hardware problems because the keys are not digitally stored.

However, the paper must be saved in a safe place because the paper can be damaged or lost, or the ink can degrade. Once the paper has been damaged you cannot access the Bitcoins funds that are sent to its address by other people. That said; Agam Berry urges you to keep the paper safe far from water or fire.

Agam Berry below helps in creating unhackable Bitcoin wallet.


  • On your PC, open to generate new Bitcoin address from your browser.
  • The will prompt you to type any characters before continuing in the form
  • The public and private keys will be generated and their QR codes.
  • Go to “paper wallet” tab and click it
  • Choose the number of addresses you want to generate
  • Then tab on “generate” button to generate the keys selected in creating an unhackable Bitcoin wallet.
  • Print the a hardcopy of the paper wallet
  • If you are using Google Chrome as the browser Agam Berry advises you may save the paper wallet in PDF format

After creating unhackable Bitcoin wallet, Agam Berry advises you to take note of security and safety concerns. For example;

  • No one should be allowed access to your paper wallet
  • Before you generate the keys, make your PC offline to avoid spyware that might be tracking your activities.
  • When printing the paper wallet, do not print from a network connected printer.
  • Store your paper wallet in a safe place.
  • To retain durability, laminate the paper wallet.