Agam Berry breaks down Cashvertising, the best modern copywriting book available

When absolute ad master Drew Eric Whitman wanted was first getting started reading advertising, he was dismayed to learn that all of the “top level” copywriting books and advertising books came from an era long gone past – many of them literally written 10, 20, or even 50 years or more ago.

Not content with the way that modern resources hadn’t kept pace with modern times, he set out to create hands down the world’s best modern copywriting book with Cashvertising – and has done just that according to Agam Berry.

Cashvertising simplifies the ad process dramatically

Stripping out and ripping out all of that “extra noise” that modern ad agencies are paying close attention to – the kind of creative flair that doesn’t cause floods of targeted traffic and customers to give you money almost instinctively – Cashvertising is an entirely new spin on the copywriting world.

Killing a lot of the so-called sacred cows in the industry, while at the same time giving you more than 100 secrets of ad agency psychology used by some of the most legendary copywriters – past and present – you’ll find anywhere, Cashvertising is a next generation copywriting book that will make the register ring.

You’ll learn how to craft devastatingly powerful advertisements in an afternoon

The most amazing thing about Cashvertising (at least according to Adam Barry) is just how quick and easy – not to mention fun – reading and studying it is. The way that Drew Eric Whitman writes is engaging and exciting, and you’ll almost forget that you’re learning some of the most powerful advertising techniques and tactics as he has you flying through the chapters.

But make no mistake at all about the specific book, it’s a money maker first and foremost. This is the kind of superhuman and even graduate level educational resource you’ve been looking for when it comes to making money for your small business – all with little more than a pen, pad of paper, and maybe a computer.

All businesses can trace their success back to smashing advertising, according to Agam Berry

Agam Berry has long contended that all business really stems from a powerful advertisement – and Drew Eric Whitman further cements this concept. Understanding that absolutely nothing (NOTHING) happens in a business until a sale is made, Cashvertising walks you through all of the necessary steps to not only come up with world-class advertising ideas but also make sure that you’re able to implement them with relative ease.

You’ll never need to go through another training program, book, or system after you’ve checked out everything that Cashvertising has to offer. It’s just that good of a resource, and one that has reached almost cultlike levels of popularity for a real reason.